Roger’s Government Reform and Transparency Legislation Passes

Annapolis, MD – Today, Senator Roger Manno’s government transparency legislation awaits the governor’s signature, after unanimous votes in both the House and Senate.

As amended, Senate Bill 450 significantly transforms the Open Meetings Act with regard to: (1) the authority of public bodies to go into closed session; (2) procedures and training options for public bodies under the Open Meetings Act; (3) the Open Meetings Law Compliance Board’s (OMCB) reporting of violations of the Open Meetings Act; and (4) the distribution of educational materials to public bodies.

“This is an enormous piece of legislation — a collaborative effort between myself and Delegates Morales and Cullison — with sweeping implications for agencies across state government,” stated Roger. “It’s a great day for transparency, and the public’s right to know. We should all be very proud.”

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