Roger’s $1M Manufacturing Training Request Funded

Annapolis, MD – In 2016, Senator Roger Manno formally requested that Governor Larry Hogan fund $1,000,000.00 for an important workforce training program: the Maryland Partnership for Workforce Quality.

In January 2017, in his Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, the governor fully funded the program at $1,000,000.00, the full amount requested by Senator Manno.

The Maryland Partnership for Workforce Quality began in 2004, and was re-funded between 2007-2014. However, the program’s funding stalled for two years, prompting Senator Manno to seek it’s renewal.

“I’m very pleased that the Partnership for Workforce Quality has been re-funded,” stated Roger.  “For many years, I led the effort in the Maryland legislature to create good paying manufacturing jobs, made possible by strong workforce training programs, and a renewed commitment to revitalizing this once thriving economic base. While not a panacea, the Partnership for Workforce Quality is an important tool in those efforts.  I’m very pleased that the governor has included it in his FY18 budget, and pleased that the legislature has made it a priority.”

Senator Manno serves as Senate Majority Whip, and Senate Chair of the Spending Affordability Committee. He is the author of the landmark Maryland Strong Manufacturing Development Act, which has the support of General Motors, United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO, Maryland Association of Counties, Maryland Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of manufacturers and industry groups, including the Manufacturers’ Alliance of Maryland, and the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

For a full list of supporters, click here.

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