Displaced Coal Miners

Annapolis, MD – Recently, Senator Roger Manno authored a  Committee Amendment to Governor Hogan’s flawed and unfair “manufacturing” tax bill, which gives tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations, but provides no tax relief for hard working manufacturing workers.

The amendment specifically targets displaced coal miners, who are some of the most adversely impacted manufacturing workers in the state. “For several years, I have led the fight for good manufacturing jobs in Maryland. But the Governor’s bill fails the basic test of fairness,” stated Roger. “What is necessary is a real manufacturing solution, like my Maryland Strong Manufacturing Development Act, a  bold and audacious solution that extends the same benefits to workers as those being extended to the corporations. My amendment to the Governor’s bill begins that fairness, providing some $3,000 in recovery assistance for each worker — workers who are some of the most displaced and distressed manufacturing laborers in our state – coal miners.”

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